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    Die pin is the standard or non-standard round core, small is called the pin, big is called the insert.

    The characteristics of core inserting needle: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision, bright surface, suitable for export precision injection mold.

    The concept of core inserting needle: the core of die casting die is the most prone to problems in the process of production. In order to solve such problems, the core part of the die that is prone to problems is changed into a separate core part that can be removed and replaced, which is called core inserting needle. It is used to make the holes or abnormal shapes on the die casting part during the casting process, and it belongs to the accessories on the die.

    The importance of core inserting needle: in the process of using the mold, if there is a problem in the core part, just remove the mold and replace the problem core needle. There is no need to scrap the whole mold, so as to save the cost.

    Core needle with cooling hole: SKD61 material without heat treatment is used and heat treatment is conducted after cooling hole is processed. This core needle with cooling hole can greatly improve the service life of the product. Core needle without cooling hole: heat treated material is used during processing

    Material, that is, the shape processing, grinding and inspection can be done after the surface treatment, without heat treatment, which can greatly reduce the stress of the product in the heat treatment, but also can improve the concentricity of the product and shorten the delivery cycle.

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