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    Punch is a part of the die which is in direct contact with the data, used for cutting and pressure deformation. So the hardness of the punch request is very high, the punch uses tungsten steel raw materials, so that the ability to live in high temperature and high hardness data.

    When using the punch, it is necessary to operate strictly according to the request of the machine to prevent the punch damage caused by illegal operation. And pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof, punch surface with water to dry in time. Although the tungsten steel used as the raw material of the punch has strong corrosion resistance, it should also be carefully maintained to prevent unnecessary consumption. In normal maintenance, you should often check the lubricating oil and dirt on the surface of the punch, and even if it is sorted out, the service life of the punch can be extended, and the effect of the punch can be effectively exerted.

    If you want to extend the service life of the punch, it requires more attention in the process of processing. If you can apply some lubricant, it will reduce the external friction, so to a certain extent, it can reduce the wear. Therefore, for some high-end quality punches, lubricants will be used to achieve maintenance before use. It can maintain excellent lubrication effect to a certain extent, and reduce the hazard probability of punches. It is the effect of reducing cost and improving profit margin.

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