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    It is often said that although the accessories of the punch are small, they are also very important. You can see from the angle of material selection, but what determines the quality of the material of the punch?

    Mold accessories are metal products. The smelting methods of metal will affect the quality of materials, and naturally produce different effects. Different smelting methods get different materials, and different smelting methods get different materials for different metal components.

    The processing materials of most non-standard die punches are imported materials used by hengtongxing. The corresponding material suppliers can guarantee the source of materials and provide relevant material certificates. The individual performance in specific use can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers.

    This kind of difference makes the quality of the material different, so the influence of different environment on the material is very important. In the face of different use effect of the mold punch, the quality of natural materials will produce the difference between good and bad.

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